The Unique Art of FILM


One of my favorite mediums in all of photography is the large format, instant black and white film product known as PN55, or positive/negative Type 55 made by Polaroid. They ceased production on it decades ago, and eventually Polaroid went bankrupt. PN55 was a very utilitarian product, very heavily used and stocked worldwide, so cases of it, (while very outdated) are still uncovered to this day. Becoming more rare everyday, good condition finds, with more recent expiration dates are very costly.

I still stock this rare and unique film to fuel my inspirations and create several new PN55 photographic portrait pieces every year. There is a "New55" film being developed,  but still not it exactly, and it is still quite expensive. We continue to test it, for the real 55 will soon be extinct.

It's an awesome "gallery worthy" look, and the Positive/Negative 55 delivers a 4x5 print and a really high fidelity negative from which we can produce any size print.

If you want something really artistic with serious additional "wow" factor, consider a fine art film or Polaroid portrait camera study, and a black and white Signature print. Some subjects are better suited than others, so some limitations apply.